On Nayri Unveiled Podcast, Nayri is personally taking you behind the scenes and unveiling various aspects of the bridal industry! If you’re getting married, a wedding pro just starting out or have been working in the industry for years; perhaps you just want to learn all about weddings, fashion, the bridal business, entrepreneurship and more this podcast is for you!

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Top pick for wedding businesses!

Stachir, 01/27/2020

“I love Nayri Unveiled for the behind the scenes look at how Nayri runs one of the most successful bridal boutiques in the country, however I’ve also learned so much from her interviews with other vendors of the wedding industry as well. I’ve gotten so many creative ideas that are sparked by her conversations and she always seems to ask her guests exactly what I would like to ask. If you’re in the wedding business put this on the top of your list!”

Love this podcast!

Anitza77, 10/02/2019

If you’re wanting to learn about the bridal industry, getting married or a wedding pro this podcast is for you! Thank you Nayri for taking us behind the scenes and allowing us to get a better understanding of different aspects of this industry!

A Master at Styling & Business!

Andrea Eppolito, 08/23/2019

“LOVE this podcast. Nayri is absolutely a master at her craft. Lovella is one of the most beautifully kept, customer service driven salons I have ever been to (I take all of my brides there!) and I’ve never met someone who is at once so grounded and also dedicated to building up the industry, growing herself, and developing the systems and tools that matter most.” A must listen!

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