Every Wednesday I’ll be unveiling a wedding fashion secret and talking about all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to finding your dream dress.
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Nayri Unveiled: Mags Cathey – Award Winning Makeup Artist, Personal Beauty Coach & Esthetician

In this week’s episode of Nayri Unveiled special guest Mags Cathey and I discuss how Maggie’s makeup artistry career began which evolved into becoming an esthetician and the benefits of skin prep before applying makeup! We chat about wedding day makeup tips and some unique offerings Maggie provides her clients which include mini facials prior to having your…

What is Nayri Unveiled?

Welcome to Nayri Unveiled! Where I’ll be unveiling aspects about the bridal industry and parts of my life you have not seen yet! Be sure to tune in each week for the latest episode!  www.weddingfashionexpert.com Follow: @weddingfashionexpert  Check out this episode!

How to Get Over Bridal Dress Indecision

Does this sound familiar? “Help! I’m indecisive and I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to be able to pick my wedding dress!” Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. Stay tuned to hear my best advice! My name is Nayri, and I am the wedding fashion expert and author of the best selling…

What is a Wedding Dress Bustle?

What the heck is a bustle on your wedding dress, and why would you want one? Tune into this weeks video and find out! My name is Nayri, and I am the wedding fashion expert and author of the best selling book, “I’m getting Married & Have Nothing to Wear!” My goal on a daily…